Abrasax will drive you completely amoral!

ABRASAX is the moniker for Randy's original studio creations.
   Randy on Guitars, Vocals, MIDI, dubs, keys, handjive, etc...
   Britt on Keyboards & Backing Vocals

For what it's worth, Abrasax is the correct spelling - not Abraxas. Check it out on Wikipedia if you're curious. When faced with tough decisions you must be amoral and CONSIDER ALL possibilities, but the ultimate decision must be a moral one. This is a prerequisite for not getting caught in the rat race.

Listen to the Sweet Sweet Music

Roots Reggae

These Tasty Original Tunes are the whole point of this website, so please listen. I'm pretty sure that now I'm living in Charleston the music will flow! Got some sweet ideas...

Tunes by Randy & Friends are available here. This a collection of recordings I've made with friends over the years. There are also a couple of solo pieces that are covers so they don't belong on the Abrasax website.

E Pluribus Erectus

Punk Rock

When you know something about Abrasax, you aren't allowed to be afraid of anything, you can't consider prohibited anything that the soul desires.
~ Hermann Hesse [Demian]

Abrasax speaketh that hallowed and accursed word which is life and death at the same time. Abrasax begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abrasax terrible.
~ Carl Jung

Final First Thoughts

Country Funk

Just in case you're still wondering: There isn't any saxophone on any of these recordings. I don't play the sax, the 'sax' in Abrasax has nothing to do with the saxophone . Ironically, Coltrane is my favorite.