Abrasax is Randy Bredell

Shine Original

Randy B. was a principal's son & when his Daddy would visit he'd come along. When they gathered around and started talkin' - That's when Randy would take me walkin'. Out through the back yard we'd go walkin' - Then he'd look into my eyes. Lord knows, to my surprise! The only one who could ever reach me, Was the son of a principal.

Yahtzeen.com has a Fargo Band Family Tree webpage with obscure references tying me to the Fargo, ND music scene in the early 1990's. Ahhh, memories...

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Britt the Wife

Folly Girl

Sugar magnolia, blossoms blooming, heads all empty and I dont care, Saw my baby down by the river, knew shed have to come up soon for air. Sweet blossom come on, under the willow, we can have high times if youll abide We can discover the wonders of nature, rolling in the rushes down by the riverside.

Shes got everything delightful, shes got everything I need, Takes the wheel when Im seeing double, pays my ticket when I speed She comes skimmin through rays of violet, she can wade in a drop of dew, She dont come and I dont follow, waits backstage while I sing to you. Well, she can dance a cajun rhythm, jump like a willys in four wheel drive. Shes a summer love for spring, fall and winter. she can make happy any man alive. Sugar magnolia, ringing that bluebell, caught up in sunlight, come on out singing Ill walk you in the sunshine, come on honey, come along with me.