Here are Randy's original studio compositions

Wake Up is a work-in-process. This snippet is enough to give you a sense of what the finished product will be like. It's a social-conscience reggae thing. There'll be a keyboard solo up front, a guitar solo in the middle, backing vocals, percussion, etc, when it's done. The current vocal track is a gnarly ruff scratch track.

Imperialist Lust for Oil has a middle-eastern flav' and a kackalacky flare. This started as a MIDI test when I wired the studio together, then expanded into a MIDI experiment & finally ended up with a guitar track. Envision burning oil-fields while listening. Circa 2004.

Lucky McGraw was my second MIDI/Audio recording on my PC, circa 1998. I never wrote a second verse so I sang the first one twice. Second verse, same as the first... What the hell is Randy doing in Nashville anyway?

Orchestral Blues was my first trial at combining digital audio and MIDI on a PC, circa 1997. Everything but the 2 guitar tracks is MIDI. I didn't have a keyboard so MIDI was programmed manually.

Sabbath Negro Éste es tributo de Randy para temprano Negro Sabbath. Tony & Ozzy inspired this one. All Randy, all the time. LISTEN LOUD! Did I mention that I suck on a drum kit? Circa 1993.

Pentagon Blues (Eisenhower's Warning) is still a work in process. I recorded the ruff framework of this tune with acoustic guitar. When I record it for real, it will be a much heavier tune with a full rock ensemble.

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